Current projects
Web-based electronic intra-net software for trauma patients in a london hospital. A research tool that is expected to create more 30 publications within the next 3 years.

Web-based electronic intra-net software for dictating patient letters. Mp3 files are stored in the server and grouped according to the type of clinic, the doctor that dictated the letter and the date of entry. There is no need of additional peripherals or expensive dictophones.

Web-based electronic intra-net software for anorectal fistulae. Doctors can make a custom diagram of the fistula tract directly into the software.

Data entry and analysis of collected data of the taget referral goverment scheme.

Three medical websites of private consultant goups in central london.

Patient information website on a specific medical field. Doctors and specialist nurses may provide the website link to their patients as an alternative for safer medical information in the internet.

A selection of completed projects
TraumaPal: Web-based electronic software managing trauma patients

HandoPal: Web-based electronic patient handover software

FollowPal: Colorectal cancer follow up database and facilitation of audit.

HerniaPal: Database for a clinical trial investigating on the aetiology of inguinal hernias.

CrohnsPal: Web-based database on operated Crohn's paitients.

TPNpal: Web-based database to audit patients administered with TPN.

Enhanced Recovery Database: Web-based electronic software managing surgical patients

Observations-at-Night Database: Audit on the frequency of observations of patients overnight.

Statistical analysis of collected data of patients that uderwent curative resection for colorectal cancer.

Statistical analysis of collected data of patients that were looked after by the Hospital-at-night team.

Statistical analysis of Trauma patients' data contains a textboon in html format and videos for eTraining is a personal website of one of the top Hand Surgeons.