Research design
Database development
Statistical analysis
Statistical review
Medical websites

Research design
• Research proposal
• Questionnaire design

Database development
• Web based applications (data entry at any location and time)
• User friendly interface for data entry
• Data entry
   - either by company's employees or
   - by the user
• Additional I.T. training for novice PC users leading to a certificate provided by BioStatIT
• Encryption of the data
• Special techniques for prevention of erroneous data entry are foreseen

Statistical analysis
• Univariate (descriptives for one variable)
• Bivariate analysis (e.g. correlations, measures of association, one way ANOVA, etc)
• Multivariate analysis:
   - Cluster analysis
   - Factor analysis
   - Reliability analysis
   - Data modeling
   - Discriminant analysis
   - Survival analysis:
      + Life tables
      + Kaplan - Meier method
      + Cox Regression (and with time dependent covariate)

Statistical review
Official academic statistician's review on an existing research design.

Our group of academic and other medical doctors, biostatisticians and scientists are capable of producing meta-analysis.

Production of articles including literature background, methodology and references ready for publication. Medical writing review included.

Medical website development
Medically oriented design of medical websites with the most affordable price in the market.